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Monitors & Analyzers

A brief summary of our safety equipment

Our safety equipment targets personal monitoring in confined spaces, refineries, petrochemical facilities, water and sewage treatment plants, fire departments, chemical plants, tunnels, mines, utilities, pharmaceuticals and hazardous waste sites.

Southland Sensing OMD-580

The OMD-580 / 480 series portable oxygen analyzer.  OMD-580 is configured as a trace oxygen analyzer with ranges 0 – 10 ppm, 0 – 100 ppm, 0 – 1000 ppm, 0 – 1 % and 0 – 25 %.  OMD-480 is configured as a percent oxygen analyzer with ranges 0 – 1 %, 0 – 5 %, 0 – 10 %, 0 – 25 % and 0 – 100 %.  Portable and easy to use. 

Southland Sensing OMD-625

The OMD-625 is a cost-effective online intrinsically safe instrument for measuring oxygen continuously with very little maintenance requirements.  The analyzer is designed for use in Class 1, Division 1 groups B, C, D.  Primary applications for this analyzer include natural gas, landfill, hydrogen production and other industrial applications.  H2S units available as well as many other applications.


Oxygen Analyzers from 0.1 ppm to 100% oxygen.  Up to 30 day battery life.  Internal pump option. Portable and easy to use for field operation.  

GPR-2800 IS

The GPR-35, GPR-2500 SN and GPR-2800 IS/AIS-S are reliable oxygen deficiency monitors for measuring the oxygen concentration in rooms where there is potential for gas leaks to prevent oxygen depletion or asphyxiation and ensure safety of personnel.

Teledyne 3110

The Model 3110  represents the new generation of portable trace and percent oxygen analysis capabilities. It combines a rugged, portable analyzer with the high reliability of trace and percent level sensors. This ensures highly accurate ppm/ percent oxygen readings in a variety of background gases (including hydrocarbons).

Teledyne OT3

The Model OT-3 is designed to run continuously for years with minimal maintenance and streamline the work of field technicians. This innovative instrument utilizes new sensor technology engineered with CO2 resistant electrolytes. In addition, the sensor has a built-in acid gas scrubber (patent pending).

RKI Gas Watch 3

Portable single or dual Gas Monitor.  Light weight and compact.  Over 4000 hours of operation.  Watch band or clip on options.  Water, dust, and radio frequency resistant.   

RKI Clip-On Personal Monitor 03 Series

LEL, O2, H2S, or CO.  Operates over 4000 hours on alkaline. Pocket size 2.1” x 2.6” x 0.9”.  Data log from 5 to 300 hours.  Audible / visual / vibration alarms.  Intrinsically safe, ATEX & CSA.

RKI SC-01 Model

Single Toxic Gas Monitor.  Smart Interchangeable Sensors. Unique extender cable for remote monitoring.  Operates on 2 “AA” alkaline batteries. Audible / visual / vibration alarms.  Datalogging standard.  Impact resistant protective rubber boot

RKI GX-2012 Model

Monitors ppm LEL, % volume methane, O2, CO and H2S.  0 to 100% volume methane option.  Auto-ranging display of % LEL and % volume.  3 Operating modes: Normal, leak check, & bar hole.PM leak detector.  Adjustable display ranges.  Visual / audible pulses change with gas concentration.  CO display in leak check mode.  Bar hole test mode for underground leak checks.  Internal sample drawing pump with up to 50′.  Vibration, visual, and audible alarms.  Automatic backlight during alarms.  Intrinsically safe.

RKI GX-6000 Model

6 operating modes.  PID library of over 600 VOC’S.  PPM leak check mode. Peak bar display.  Man down alarm.  LED light source.     

RKI Eagle 2 Model

6 gas sample draw monitor. Low or high range for VOC detection.  Fence Electrode Technology for humidity and contamination resistance. Thermal Conductivity (TC) % Vol. H2, % Vol. CH4.  Smart toxic, plug and play sensors NH3, AsH3, Cl2, HCN, PH3, & SO2.  Hydrogen specific LEL / ppm sensor.  Powerful long-life pump up to 125’ range.